THE 7 STRATEGIES OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNERS This book is about the road less travelled—the journey upward to massive success. Few business owners get to call themselves highly successful— I’ll help you do just that.

Find Out About:

  • The single most powerful tax shelter for your business;
  • The complete formula for marketing success;
  • 11 powerful ways you can take advantage of digital marketing;
  • The #1 way to close the sale in any business transaction;
  • 16 highly successful programs for getting massive referrals;
  • 14 key strategies for retaining clients forever;
  • 12 tools for avoiding an IRS audit.

Jacob M. Hanes CPA

Jacob M. Hanes CPA / Author

JACOB M HANES, CPA is owner of Action Tax Services. He is a long-time resident of Washington state and has many years of experience working in both private and public accounting as well as owning several businesses.A certified Public Accountant, Jacob earned his Accounting degree from Central Washington University. Aside from being an entrepreneur and business coach, Jacob is an avid hiker, cyclist and Olympic marathon athlete. Following the tax season, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife and five children.