Jake Hanes


Public Speaker & Author, CPA, Entrepreneur

Jake Hanes is not just a speaker, author, and entrepreneur, but a beacon of inspiration and motivation. His high-energy presentations don’t just captivate; they ignite action and foster the growth of successful businesses. With over two decades of coaching business owners, Jake’s journey encompasses both triumphs and setbacks. His firsthand experiences form the foundation of the powerful concepts he shares, including those in his Amazon #1 Bestseller, “The Seven Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners.” These insights provide a roadmap for a quantum leap in business success.

 Jake’s life story is a testament to resilience and achievement. Despite living with epilepsy for 40 years and experiencing thousands of seizures, he conquered monumental challenges, such as summiting Washington’s five highest peaks and building multiple successful businesses. Now free from epilepsy, Jake continues to set and accomplish ambitious goals daily, channeling his experiences into educational and engaging narratives for audiences of all sizes.

 Continually Learning and Sharing

 Jake’s commitment to education, as a CPA and entrepreneur, is unwavering. He values the transformation of concepts into actionable strategies. As a lifelong learner, including his involvement in Landmark Education, and guided by his own business and life coaches, Jake has achieved remarkable success. He imparts these lessons to others in a relatable and implementable manner. A graduate of Central Washington University with a BA in Accounting and a seasoned Certified Public Accountant, Jake runs a thriving CPA firm in Auburn, WA. His entrepreneurial journey, beginning at age 14, today extends to providing leadership to his employees, community, and family in various capacities, including professional organizations such as the Entrepreneur’s Organization and accounting organizations, and community organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and a local school board.

 Powerful Keynote Speeches

 From being carried off Mt. Rainier on his first attempt to now leading teams to its summit, Jake’s experiences in climbing mirror those in life, business, and marriage. He adeptly connects these adventures to key life aspects in his powerful keynote speeches. Covering topics like Entrepreneurship of the Future, “Marketing for 10X Success,” and “The Prism of Leadership,” Jake’s talks are packed with actionable insights. He has addressed Chambers of Commerce, business and trade association events, student events (such as DECA, Washington Business Week, and BSA), Entrepreneur’s Organization, as well as providing continuing education to professionals nationwide. Jake’s ultimate passion is to live a life that inspires others to lead, love, learn, and leave a lasting legacy.  His Vision is to impact a Million People

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 To experience the transformative power of Jake Hanes’ presentations and book a speaking engagement, contact him at (253) 288-8829.